Graphic Design

Graphic design is more than just designing a logo, corporate identity, advertisement, brochure or website. It's a process that starts with a concept and eventually breaks down into countless creative activities.


A beautiful Brand ID, a stylish brochure or a trendy magazine. You simply cannot replace some means of communication with online products. These expressions have a completely different experience. You have to be able to touch, browse, smell them. Nothing compares to the smell of 'fresh' printed matter!


Online presentations of your product or company, stands or falls with the speed with which information can be found at a glance. We have become accustomed to smooth navigation and use the computer as a kind of magazine. The design of a website is the business card or advertisement that someone wants to stand out from the crowd.


For clarification of a product, it is important to have good photography and illustrations as support. An image can literally illustrate what the story is about or can be left to the imagination. From editorial illustrations to stylized portrait illustrations. In the traditional way or digitally, the illustrations can be made in different styles.

My Skills

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Design supports the message and makes it stronger and more recognizable

Ruud Waalewijn
Graphic Designer

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